Private Label Clothing 3 Reasons why it’s better?

A private label clothing line is formed when a brand pays to have neck tags and other manufacturing labels removed from clothing so that their own logo can be placed in their place. Businesses that offer custom t-shirts screen print their logos into the neckline in place of the tags offered by the t-shirt manufacturers, […]

The Rising Demand for Cropped Sublimation Hoodies

Introduction:In recent years, the trend of cropped sublimation hoodies has become popular apparel for women. The cropped sublimation hoodie is surely fashionable and comfy. Because of its versatility, it’s a great option for making any look eye-catching. The hoodies with different colors, logos, and prints make them more popular and fashionable. What is a cropped […]

What is sublimation apparel printing?

Introduction:  Sublimation is a kind of fabric printing method that is very delicate, unique, and comfortable; it adds full graphics and colors to the fabric. This process involves gas under heat and pressure, which are used to transfer the ink directly to the garments. It is different from other printing methods, like screen printing and […]

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